Round-table discussion Electronic trade:
step towards electronic economy
17 May 2016 start at 11:00
Civiс Chamber of the Russian Federation


In December 2015 Vladimir Putin in his annual speech to Federal Assembly called for establishing large private Russian companies in the area of electronic trade. Within the framework of realization of the strategy outlined by the President a Roundtable discussion will be held which will gather the key specialists in order to determine the ways of development of electronic commerce.


It is planned to discuss basic provisions on development of electronic trade in Russia, concepts of creation and development of informational infrastructure. Due attention will be paid to worldwide experience in electronic trade, especially in USA and China, and the conditions and tendencies of its development in Russia.

As a result of the Round table the project ideas and particular proposals will be formed.


  1. Electronic trade as an element of new economy.

    • Basic concepts of electronic trade
    • Main stages of creation of electronic trade
    • Roadmap for electronic trade
    • Types and forms of electronic trade
  2. Crossborder sales of the goods via electronic trading platforms as a means to expand demand market for the participants of small and medium enterpreneurship.

    • Internet trade experience in USA and China
    • Conditions and tendencies of development of internet trade in Russia
    • Tendency of redistribution of the internet trade markets in the world
  3. Challenges and threats emerging from the dominance of foreign standards of data transmission, legally significant electronic docflow, integration of large data streams.

    • Legislative base for electronic trade in Russia
    • Directions for development of the legislative base for electronic trade
    • Necessity of the Federal Law on Electronic trade and its key elements
  4. Development of cross-border payment instruments and mechanisms of deals guarantee.

    • Concept for creation and development of IT infrastructure
    • Structure and key elements


Sazonov Dmitry Valerievich Head of commission on development of small and medium business in the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation
Dimitrov Iliya Dimitrov E-commerce Ombudsman, Executive Director of the Association of electronic trading platforms, Member of the Presidium of All-Russian public organization of small and medium business "OPORA Rossii"


Klimenko German Sergeevich Presidential Advisor on the programs of development of Internet
Letunovsky Valention Vasilievich Deputy Head of the Presidential Control Directorate of the Russian Federation
Levin Leonid Leonidovich Head of State Duma Committee on informational policy, informational technologies and communication
Klimov Victor Vladimirovich Delegate of the State Duma, Deputy Head of State Duma Committee on economic policy, innovational development and entrepreneurship
Minasyan Karine Agasievna Collegium Member (Minister) of Eurasian economic commission on internal markets, informatization, informational-communicational technologies
Manturov Denis Valentinovich Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
Andrey Yurievich Belianinov Head of Federal Customs Service
Fomichev Oleg Vladislavovich Stats-secretary - Deputy Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation
Evraev Michel Yakovlevich Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation
Pushkin Vasily Mikhailovich Deputy Head of Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation
Kuzmin Alexey Sergeevich First Deputy of the Head of Informational Center of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation
Gorbunov Vasily Aleksandrovich Director of the Department of realization of legislative initiatives of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation
Danilov-Danilyan Anton Viktorovich Co-chairman of the All-Russian public organization "Delovaya Rossiya"
Marinichev Dmitry Nikolaevich Public Internet-ombudsman
Fradkov Petr Mikhailovich Director General of the Stock company "Russian export center"
Kuznetsova Irina Vladimirovna Member of the Expert Council at the Government of the Russian Federation

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